NYS Class  B Certified mobile laser operators

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Technological Artisans, is headquartered in New York, with several offices across the USA. Our laser technology, precision positioning, real-time control and response are at the core of our entertainment technology. These are universally useful capabilities. Combined with our extensive consulting and development experience in Lasers, Computers, and Electronic systems, we have been providing innovative, high-tech solutions to the Laser and Technology Industry since 1981.

Laser Lighting Performed Live for Any Event
Laser light shows enhance all affairs from Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Private Parties, Holiday Functions, Product Launches, Fashion Shows, Schools, Church Functions and Media Extravaganzas. Our operator mixes the lasers. Laser's unique look elevates your event to another level!
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DJ & Club Laser Show Systems, Software, Projectors & Components
Our laser entertainment systems are in use all over the world. Powered by our Merlin Software, these easy to use, powerfull, systems are creating the excitement needed for todays entertainment experience. From the very effective low power LaserChoir, to the critically acclaimed ClubCat, and laser systems, we have something for every situation. 

                    Affordable Custom Application Solutions & Development
ur Software, Lasers and Projection equipment are in use in many diverse applications and installations across, Consumer, Museum, Haunted House, National Park, Scientific and Industrial Applications. We are a certified CCR trading partner. For an example,our advanced laser based pick and point system is in use at major pharmaceutical distribution company.

Please contact us to discuss your need. We look forward to working with you.

    Please contact us directly via telephone at (347)606-1076 (Voice/Fax), or send us an E-Mail.

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L A T E S T    N E W S

  Grand Teaton
National Park

Interactive Ranger Station.

This unique system incorporates a Clubcat Laser System for displaying realtime animated graphics on the Station's Topographic map area during the Ranger presentations. Multiple presentations are stored and instantly available. The ClubCat is configured on a TAI LaserServer engine and is completely controlled by the installation's media server.

Merlin  Update



PartyBlaster is Back!
Lower prices and increased performance were the rule of the day as TA re-issued a popular favorite. PartyBlaster is supplied with new, faster scanner technology and is perfect for beam and fan shows. For application where ClubCat level graphics are not required, PartyBlaster offers considerable savings. PartyBlaster systems are availabe in a license free 5mw systems, or a PartyBlaster-HP version for higher power instalations as well.

Please contact us directly via telephone at (347)606-1076 (Voice/Fax),  or send us an E-Mail.

NYS Class B Certified mobile laser operators

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