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Unlimited Graphics & Effects that Surpass DMX Style Systems

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Not An Artist? Use laser graphics libraries or ILDA files

Merlin is supported by all the major laser graphics houses. A large catalog of laser graphics are available for your choosing. Merlin can also use ILDA standard graphics files as well.

Merlin's Easy to Use Graphical Software

The system includes powerful laser creation and control software all accessible via a user friendly graphical interface. Creative features include: built in 3D editor, real-time editing on screen and/or on laser, text with multiple fonts, lissajous/spirographic generation, full control over scale, translation, skew, rotation and animation.  . For full details on this powerful software  Straight Forward Laser Show Control

DJ SHOW - The Real-Time Gig Control Interface
Our mouse/keyboard driven DJ Show control interface makes it easy for even a novice to run a show at a gig.
Naturally, the optional touch screen or rack mount touch keypad are also supported. Power users can also use the Show interface to run their shows.

Easily Create Your Own UNIQUE Content

  The Edit & Creation Control Interfaces
Control all the nuances of a complete Show, create an range of effects and animations in a Scene, or draw or make a new Images. These screen permit complete control of the software. They are all easy to follow for both the novice and expert alike. Use these screens to create your masterpiece. Run and create them in real-time and store the ones you like. Please see the manual for the full set of Show, Scene and Image creation and editing control functionality..  

How It Works

Merlin has .powerful features and user friendly timeline-based graphical user interface. Almost
anything can be done with Merlin using its fast real-time kernel
operating behind the scenes. Multi-layered, multi-track frame effects,
multi-projector interface, live and/or pre-programmed music and time
code synchronization, target beams, sophisticated abstracts, live
laser raster video, countdown clock, alternate touch screen live
control interface, triggered events, scripting, and much more. With
Merlin you can save time and money by previewing your shows on-screen
with an openGL simulation window.

Merlin Pro features :

   * Multitrack lasershow control with timeline-based editing
   * Looping touch-screen lasershow control

   * Output to multiple laser projectors, TTL devices, and DMX-512
devices (DMX hardware not included)
   * Animation effects: 3D: Rotation, Size, Movement, Scale, Shear,
Depth queue; Color morph, Fade, Draw, Morph, Sparkle, PathFollow,
Script, GeoMorph, Clip, Pivot, Twist, MouseFollow, and much more.
   * Possible to import standard ILDA files for creating shows.
   * Application features: Frame Editor, Palette Editor, Show Editor,
Show Player, Live Show Creator, and Play List Editor/Player.
         o Frame editor places the power to create 2D or 3D frames
right at your fingertips.
         o Show Editor allows you to create and edit lasershows and
live show loops.
         o Show Player allows music-synchronized show playback.
         o Live Show Creator Allows button-based live show
synchronization and effects.
         o Play List Editor/Player allows continuous multiple show
playback and switching.
   * Safety Zones: Specify scanned zones of decreased brightness for
target safety.
   * Color mapping: Allows color, blanking, and mixing levels to be
set independent of shows.
   * Forum-based user support and idea sharing
   * Over 100 playable, editable shows included

Technical Features

  • Interfaces with industry standard projectors.
  • Easy-to-use, Windows style user interface.
  •  Riya usb interface options lite/basic/pro
  • Mouse, tablet or keyboard controlled.
  • Optional control via external signals (RS-232, WEB, DMX,TTL).
  • Software based - easily upgraded.


Version Feature Breakdown:

  • Lite:

    Including  RIYA MultiBus Lite  DAC

    - USB interface;
    - Scanrate: up to 50 000 PPS;

    1 Scanner, 1 Target world, 1 Optimization parameter set

     1 X Merlin Lite Software
     1 X RIYA MultiBus Lite DAC
    Total Cost $500.00

  • Pro:

    Including  a RIYA MultiBus Basic DAC (usb ,cat5 over network )

    -USB and Ethernet interfaces;
    - SD memory card, up to 2GB;
    - Scanrate: up to 50 000 PPS;
    - Control translation from SD card:
    Automatic playback: start playing automatically upon power-up;
    choice shows by 4 key (“Play/Pause”, “Show/Bank”, “Temp Down” and “Temp Up”);
    choice shows by USB and Ethernet interfaces;


    PRO Software features :

    8 Scanners(ability to control 8 Dac's sold separately ), 32 Target worlds per scanner, 32 Optimization parameters per scanner, MIDI and DMX control input MIDI keyboard view, Quick runtext messages, edit old Merlin shows, Full export show encryption options with user locking, 3D pong minigame, External Picedit, Save animator presets

    1 X Merlin PRO  Software 
    1 X RIYA MultiBus Basic DAC
    Total Cost $850.00

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