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SkyMan - Liquid Sky Effect Scanner

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Wow Your Audience With This Powerful
And Easy To Use Liquid Sky Effect Scanner!

Incredible Liquid Skies!

Easily create dynamic and exciting liquid sky laser show effects with your laser like the ones shown above, completely adjustable from a single beam to a wide fan, you can even create modulated liquid skies that dance with the music!

And More Than Just Skies!

SkyMan is a fully dynamic unit that responds to any signal you send it, allowing you to generate a wide variety of new and exciting liquid sky laser show effects. With SkyMan you have complete control, with capabilities that stand out from the rest.

Here are some examples:

  • Feed in music and watch the Sky pulse to the beat. View Music Movie (~4meg)
  • Feed in low speed signals and do "Star Wars" beam effects. View Beams Movie (~4meg)
  • Feed in simple DC voltages to hit a bounce target or sweep a beam across the room.

Our guide shows you how to do it all!

A copy will come with your SkyMan or you can download a copy here:  Download

How It Works

The SkyMan contains a small high quality mirror mounted on the end of a galvanometer scanner (like the pros use). You bounce your laser off this mirror. When a sound signal is applied (signal generator, CD player, soundcard output or even a AC wall wart) the scanner sweeps back and forth creating the liquid sky pattern. The scan size depends on the input signal strength and is easily varied up to 45 degrees in width.

What It Includes

All of the components are BRAND NEW. The setup includes one galvanometer scanner with front surface mirror and mirror mount, an aluminum right angle mounting bracket with a 1/4 inch signal input jack and manual.

You need to supply the signal sources, a laser and any fog.

Works With ANY Laser

SkyMan works with any laser from the simplest laser pointer, on up. Simply aim your laser at the SkyMan mirror and let the fun begin. Use a modulatable laser and add an additional fantastic category of effects. See below for examples.

Complete Idea And Circuit Guide

Get the most of your unit with the simple to follow user's guide. Included are ideas on how to get the most impact from the unit, a soundcard waveform generator as well designs for several easy to construct signal sources with circuit diagrams. Naturally, a full list of the commonly available parts (Radio Shack etc) is also included. You can also purchase assembled controllers as well. Please see below.

Go Even Further With These Optional Items

Powerful Liquid Sky Signal Generation Software


Use the Babette software program to leverage the sound card in your laptop or desktop computer as a signal source. The precision digital generator allow you to create a wide range signals to generate Lisuid Sky effects. You can even store 48 of your favorites and recall them at anytime. You can even play them live! Babette can even control two SkyMan units at the same time. The Windiows based Babette software is supplied on floppy disk or may be downloaded from our site. Note that some sound cards may require a headphone amplifier to generate the necessary signal levels for maximum sky size.

Add a Modulated Laser!

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View Modulated Sky Movie (~4meg)

Add one of our modulated lasers and go completely crazy!
Imagine breaking the liquid sky up into individual fingers of light; or two skies comming in from different sides, bouncing and becoming one. That and more is all possible when you add a modulated laser source to the unit. Drive it with your signals or purchase our optional controllers. Many complete modulatable lasers are available from us as well. See below or email us for more information.

Use Our Pre-Built Controllers

We also offer several optional pre-built controllers.

Model I - generates the necessary signals for a linear sky effect. The sky input has a size control

Model II - generates the necessary signals for a linear sky effect, and has a speaker input for a music modulated sky effect. Both the sky and music inputs have size controls

Model III - has a linear sky effect, a line level input music input, a single beam position control, and a TTL level laser modulation signal output.

Please contact us if you would like to order any of the optional controllers.

Please Contact Us With Any Questions.

Helpfull feedback and comments on the product are always appreciated as well.

SkyMan OEM Pricelist

  • SkyMan scanner without laser - $275 ($19 shipping)
  • 5mw GREEN YAG laser with blanking!- $250 ($19 shipping)
  • Babette Software - $25 ($5 shipping)
  • Model I Controller - $95 ($29 shipping)
  • Model II Controller - $175 ($29 shipping)
  • Model III Controller - $250 ($29 shipping)

Safety Note

The SkyMan is sold as a OEM component. You are responsible for using this unit safely. Laser exposure can be dangersous to the human eye. Please act responsibly. Please see the CRDH web site for guidance on laser safety, and the variance regulations concerning their usage.

Please Contact Us to Order or for A Free Consultation

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